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Novel Optical Fluorescent Antennas for VLC and OWC

We develop novel optical antennas, based on innovative fluorescent materials acting a s large-area waveguides. This allows to realize revolutionary VLC / OWC receivers with large optical gain, high bandwidth and large field of View. Such materials are derived from luminescent solar converters (LSC), and could allow also for the realization of hybrid, self-sustainable systems for combined energy harvesting and communication.

Our main tools:

  • Optoelectronic test&measurement equipment
  • Optical cannel quality test and Bit-error rate (BERT) testing facilities
  • Facilities adn instrumentation for characterization of fluorescent materials.

Our main research topics:

  • Study and develop novel materials in collaboration with other research institutes
  • Testing intrinsic properties od optical antennas (lifetimes, efficiency, stctral resposne, bandwidth)
  • Perform communication tests of optical antennas in realistic applications (indoor and outdoor)