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Mauro Aresti (Researcher)

A brief description of my research activity and career.

Researcher with the National Institute of Optics (CNR-INO) and associated with LENS.The topics of my scientific research are focused on the study of the interaction of light and matter, I am interested in studying new materials that efficiently absorb and emit photons for optoelectronic applications. I used ultrafast spectroscopy techniques to study the optical and electronic properties of nanostructured materials to develop new light sources such as LEDs and LASERS and to characterize photovoltaic cells and detectors. In recent years I have designed, developed and characterized innovative particle detectors united by the interaction of photons with matter.

Main scientific interests:

  • Ultrafast optical spectroscopy to investigate the optical and electronic properties of matter;
  • Development and characterization of optoelectronic instruments and detectors;
  • Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) and Visible Light Communications (VLC);
  • Design and development of optical instrumentation for scientific research;
  • IoT-based projects for automating scientific experiments, data collection and analysis;
  • Embedded Machine Learning for data acquisition and analysis in scientific experiments.


2009                  M. Sc. degree in Physics at the University of Cagliari UNICA;
2014                  Ph.D. degree in Physics at the University of Cagliari UNICA;
2014-2016 Expert in physical technologies at the ultrafast optical spectroscopy facility CESAR UNICA;
2017-2023    Post-Doc researcher in various research institutions (INFN-CERN, UNICA)

2023- – – – – Researcher at CNR-INO, Firenze, Italy


Author of >15 publications in refereed international scientific journals (Nature Communications, Advanced Functional Materials, ACSNANO, Nanoscale, JINST, APL, NIMA, etc.) and in refereed proceedings

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