Here we give a brief overview of our research activities.

Novel Optical Fluorescent Antennas for VLC and OWC

We develop novel optical antennas, based on innovative fluorescent materials acting a s large-area waveguides. This allows to realize revolutionary VLC / OWC receivers with large optical gain, high bandwidth and large field of View. Such materials are derived from luminescent solar converters (LSC), and could allow also for the realization of hybrid, self-sustainable systems …

VLC for Intelligent Transportation Systems

We develop novel systems for connecting intelligent vehicles through LED lights. Crictical and safety messages could be exchanged between vehicles, road signs, traffic lights in less than 1 ms, making road safer, avoid collisions, queues and making and traffic fluxes smoother. In our lab we develop and test both:

Free-space optical communication with Mid-IR QCL sources

We collaborate with the Mid-IR quantum cascade laser research group to develop novel systems free-space communication in novel regions of the optical spectrum. Mid-IR sources, lasing in the 3-10 micron range, have the big advantage over conventional telecom-band sources to feature a strongly reduced scattering by dust particles, fog, haze when propagating thorugh the atmosphere. …