Welcome to the OWC/VLC lab website!

Welcome to the OWC/VLC research lab @CNR-INO. We are located in the Campus of Sesto Fiorentino, 6 km away from Florence, in Italy.

Our lab carries on research on Visible light communication (VLC) and in Optical Wireless Communication (OWC). VLC /OWC represent a potentially ground-breaking technology, aiming at delivering data over the air exploiting light rather than radio-frequencies.

In VLC/OWC digital information is encoded in the optical carrier, rather than in RF-microvaves domain, through standard visible LED sources (in case of VLC), or LED/laser sources (OWC). Such platforms can support or replace the standard wireless communication technologies in wealth of application scenarios, like, e.g, in protected or harsh environments (e.g. planes, hospitals, high-EM-noise industrial plants or underwater communications), or towards the realization of smart indoor and/or outdoor communication systems, for example in intelligent transportation systems (ITS), indoor localization, ultrafast, pervasive communications (Li-Fi) and real-time augmented reality dedicated services (e.g. museums, commercial areas, public services).

Jacopo Catani interviewed by “Il Bollettino”

Very nice article featuring an interview to Jacopo Catani on LiFI and VLC, appeared on Il Bollettino on Nov. 1st, 2023!

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We took part to the 1st italian conference on Li-Fi!

Jacopo Catani participates as a speaker to the First italian conference on Li-Fi, organized in Rome by To Be srl

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We are partners in several PNRR projects 2022-2025!

We are happy to announce that our lab participates to several PNRR initiatives to develop and study novel VLC and OWC systems in different applications.

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Work with us!

We can offer several job opportunities within our research team! We are also welcoming PhD students and Post-doc fellows to join our group. Contact us for details!

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